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Bit Fun - Earn Satoshis - How does it work?

Bitfun - every five minutes free Bitcoins - how does it work?

CAUTION! Coinpot has been discontinued! Alternatively, try

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Go to Games and "Claim now"

Step 3: Click "I am not a robot"

Step 4: make the captcher

Step 5: Claim :-)

I got to know Bitfun. As a complete novice in the field of mining, I thought at first that one must play. No, you do not have to.

You go to games and at the top is an orange box, where the number of Satoshis is in it. Next to it is: Claim now. As you press it, it pops up - there is a check mark in the box, that you are not a robot and confirm. And you already have the credit on your own account.

Advertise Refs is more interesting here, as you get 50 percent of your collected Satoshis, which of course makes it much easier to collect the Satoshis.

Of course you could now press on claim now every 3 minutes, but you can also wait until more Satoshis have gathered together to apply for them.

How does Work? is a classic faucet which gives out satoshi every 3 minutes once. The users can increase their earning by playing games, gambling and other offers. ... Their is a fun dice game which is pure gambling, users just have to select over or under certain value and roll the dice.

Bitfun is a bitcoin faucet that is part of the coincoin bitcoin faucet group.
Coinpot brings together various faucets and allows to withdraw on different bitcoin and other cryptomonete portfolios.

Bitfun has been online for several years and to date April 2018 is paying.

To earn enough, complete a captcha every time.

How to make money online with Bitfun

Technical informations to optimize the revenue website of Bitfun

To earn on Bitfun after logging in, just complete a captcha Solvemedia or Recaptcha.
Each captcha completed on the faucet gives us satoshi that increase with the passing of the minutes.
We can withdraw as many times as we want during the day but have to spend 5 minutes between one claim and the other.
It is better to make a claim at intervals of one hour to have a fair amount of satoshi to be withdrawn.

At each claim the satoshi will end up in the coinpot account and will be added to the earnings of the other faucets. From coinpot then we can withdraw our earnings.

The site also offers an offer section, where completing missions we will have additional satoshi.
And the section says, where we will have a game of dice.

Referral system in Bitfun

Reference system of Bitfun, can you make extra money inviting your friends?

Bitfun offers a referrals gain of 50% of their earnings.

How to withdraw in Bitfun

Detailed informations about the payments in Bitfun

The withdrawal of money can be done via the CoinPot website. If you are not registered Bitfun will send you to the link to register.
By coinpot you can withdraw your earnings in bitcoins or convert them into other cryptomonete. The selectable portfolios are many.
There are many payment options.

I also remember that satoshi are sent directly to the coinpot at each claim.