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adBTC – Earn Bitcoin for viewing websites

AdBTC - best way to earn free Crypto

adBTC Top – This website allows you to get free bitcoin.

adBTC pays very well.

How to Start earning from adBTC ?

1 – Go to adBTC website

2 – Sign Up for adBTC

3 – Click on ‘ Start Earning BTC ‘

4 – Verify that your are not a Robot ( Its only appears ones )

5 – Click on ‘ Start ‘ button to start surfing websites

6 – Your Reward will be added to your adBTC account

There are 3 Methods of Earning bitcoin from Clicking websites on adBTC

1 – Surf Ads

It is the normal method of clicking websites. Here you can click on website and can carry on with your other works , it is not necessary that you should be on the ad website . You can open new tab and do other stuffs.

2 – Autosurfing

The most easiest way to earn bitcoin. You can just click on Autosurf and leave it there , it will automatically go to the next next site to give to bitcoin for each website .

3 – Surf in Active windows

Here you should be on the ad website to get your money . But it will give you good amount of money for your surf.